The company

Η OPAP SPORTS LTD is a Cypriot company, 100% subsidiary of Hellenic OPAP SA and is active in the field of betting services in Cyprus.

The Company holds a Class A (Ground) and Class B (Internet) license from the National Betting Authority of the Republic of Cyprus.

Professionalism, reliability and always competitive performance have placed OPAP SPORTS very high in the appreciation of the public of Cyprus.

H The company has more than 170 licensed betting services (agencies) throughout Cyprus which are geographically distributed in such a way as to serve as many customers as possible.


"The provision of betting services with professionalism, reliability, respect for the law and society ensuring the complete satisfaction of its customers."


1995 - The operation of the company begins in 1995 with the name Glory Betting Sports and with the operation of 16 betting agencies, as provided by the Legislation, in all the provinces of Cyprus.
2003 - A milestone in the history of the company is the acquisition of 90% of its share capital by the Greek OPAP SA. and its renaming to OPAP GLORY LTD. In November 2003 the Company became the first company to use a computerized system for accepting and managing bets.
2010 - In May 2010 OPAP GLORY LTD was renamed OPAP SPORTS LTD and changed its logo. In June 2010 OPAP SPORTS LTD pioneering again introduces to the market the OPAP SPORTS CARD with which it offers fantastic gifts to its customers.
2016 - In June 2016 OPAP SPORTS LTD modernizes its agencies with new terminals and introduces Self Service Betting Terminals.
2018 - In May 2018, OPAPBET is introduced, which is the betting brand with which OPAP SPORTS communicates its products commercially.
2020 - In December 2020, the measures implemented to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic require the introduction of "BETMAKER". The smart application that enables customers to prepare their coupons from their mobile phone and visit a company agency to validate their bet.
2021 - H OPAP SPORTS LTD obtains a Class "B" license from the National Betting Authority of Cyprus for the provision of internet betting services (Online) and launches in the market.