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A. Website Content

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Any act of reproduction, distribution, modification or use for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of OPAP SPORTS LTD is prohibited.

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Links to other websites

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Without the prior permission of Shutterstock, any use, exploitation, publishing, republishing, reproduction, mechanical or otherwise copying, editing or otherwise, of Shutterstock's photographs published on the Website is prohibited.


OPAP SPORTS LTD is not responsible, for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage to users / visitors of its web site, caused by illegal acts of third parties (eg spying or decryption of codes and data), the spread of viruses ) while using the site or downloading information about its content or problems that may occur while using computers (eg data loss, etc.).

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Visitor / user obligations

Visitors / users of this site must comply with applicable Cypriot, European and International law and regulations regarding telecommunications. In this context, any damage caused to this website or the network in general by acts resulting from malicious and / or improper use of its pages and / or services by its visitors / users shall be the sole responsibility of the latter.

Content provision and availability

OPAP SPORTS LTD, while making every effort to the contrary, does not warrant that its website www.opapsports.com and any information and / or services contained therein will be provided without interruption and / or errors. It also does not guarantee that its website as well as the servers through which the site contents and services are provided to visitors / users do not contain viruses or other harmful components.

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This document expresses the practices of collecting information and personal data security of the Website owned by OPAP SPORTS LTD.

OPAP SPORTS LTD records a set of technical data, such as IP addresses as well as browser types, which our visitors use, but without linking this data to any information that could identify them individually. This practically means that a visitor's course on the site is logged, but it remains anonymous. The purpose of the above is to extract statistics about the total traffic of our site and not the registration of each unique visitor. This information is used to improve the least popular pages and add content to the most popular pages.

This website provides links to external websites for which the personal data security policy of OPAP SPORTS LTD is not responsible.


The new OPAP SPORT LTD website now enables on-line access to digital content with the enormous benefits of searching and linking to the information sought and providing specialized services, one of which is the digital presentation of OPAP SPORTS LTD's games.

The digital presentation consists of an electronic simulation, that is, a representation of the actual performance of games for the operation of which, in addition to supporting electronics and other mechanisms, requires the existence and execution of software. The purpose of this service is exclusively the presentation of the games of OPAP SPORTS LTD for the purposes of informing our players - customers as at this stage it is not possible to provide any form of financial benefit to the player or betting on line. That is to say, computer-based games that do not have a system of economic benefits.

For the secure transmission of data, OPAP SPORTS LTD makes every reasonable effort to comply with all quality standards regarding the transmission of data in accordance with applicable law.

It is not the responsibility of OPAP SPORTS LTD, as the provider of the above service, that is to say the transmission and access to such information.

It is also not the responsibility of OPAP SPORTS LTD in the event that the user is unable to use this site for reasons that include, but are not limited to, communication problems or other malfunctions regarding the transmission or access to information through the site as it may not guarantee the availability and smooth operation of the site anywhere and anytime.

In any case, the validity of the sorting results is certified only by OPAP SPORTS LTD's central system.


Information about the Company and our Website

The privacy and privacy of our customers / visitors to our site are of paramount importance when designing our business policy.

The services and links of the site

Our website allows visitors to send information that they can transmit and access from third parties. It is noted that in any such case OPAP SPORTS LTD is not responsible for any illegal collection or processing of personal data by any third party.

Our site contains a link to other websites. It is noted that OPAP SPORTS LTD is not responsible for any illegal collection or processing of personal data by these companies / websites.

Automatic collection of information

Our Company collects the personal data of our clients / visitors, which are automatically recognized by our web server, such as their IP address, domain name, and system information of their H / Y.

However, these data are in no way correlated with the personal data of our clients, which are kept in our archives without their prior consent.

Our site uses cookies to store certain data.

Collection of data and purpose of their collection

The Company collects and processes personal data, which are freely contained by customers / visitors to our site when using its services.

Use of data for any other purpose is permitted only after the prior specific consent of their subject, which will be provided either in writing or through the marking at a specific point on our site during their collection. Our customers / visitors are entitled to withdraw their consent at any time by sending a written request or e-mail to OPAP SPORTS LTD.

Our Company does not collect information about our clients / visitors from other sources, such as Public archives or bodies or private organizations.

Confidentiality / Security

Our Company enables the clients / visitors of our website to transmit their personal data related to their identifiers by secure transfer method.

Our Company strictly adheres to a specific security policy, whilst also applying the most advanced data protection techniques, which are maintained in its records by:

  • Illegal access
  • Illegal use or disclosure
  • Illegal modification
  • Willful or unintentional destruction

OPAP SPORTS LTD shall not be liable if the personal data held in its records are the subject of an unlawful act of material injury or damage, property or morality, to its subjects due to force majeure or for any other reason not due to grave circumstances. negligence or fraud of OPAP SPORTS LTD. If you have any questions or questions regarding our Company management policy please contact OPAP SPORTS LTD.